Remote Online Ergonomic Assessments

The HSA recently recommended that online assessments should be carried out on homeworkers as part of managing the health and safety risk. Let us show you how you can easily do this with our online ergonomic assessments.

Online office ergonomics solutions act as a triage system that empowers your employees to educate themselves and coaches them through making minor adjustments to their own workstations. Remote phone consultations can then be available to handle the most difficult or delicate cases, while also assisting with the fine details like equipment selection.


> Comprehensive – Online solutions enable entire companies to complete their self-assessments

> Time-savings – Remote consultations are scheduled efficiently online at your convenience.

> Reduce Costs - By systematically reducing ergonomic > risk factors, you can prevent costly MSDs. 

> Proactive approach Online solutions enable access for all employees before problems start, rather than a reactive approach, which provides assessments by request (after it’s too late).


Remote Consultation with Ergonomic Assessor: €45+VAT (20 minutes)
Single Remote Assessment: €149+VAT (45 minutes)
Single Detailed Assessment: €269+VAT (75 minutes)
Half Day Remote Assessments: €495+VAT (4-6 Assessments)
Full Day Remote Assessments: €849+VAT (10-12 Assessments)

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